Détail de l'audience

Enregistrement vidéo du 2017-12-04

Programme de la journée et liste des témoins

Val Napoleon 
Professeure à la Faculté de droit de l’Université de Victoria et directrice du Indigenous Law Research Unit de l’Université de Victoria

Hadley Friedland
Professeure à la Faculté de droit de l’Université de l’Alberta

Documents de l'audience
  • Indigenous Laws as a Cornerstone for Concrete, Effective and Lasting Reconciliation
  • Bibliographie divisée par thèmes, listant tous les documents déposés en preuve à la CERP par Hadley Friedland et Val Napoleon
  • Canada's Indigenous Constitution
  • The Duty to Learn: Taking Account of Indigenous Legal Orders in Practice
  • Indigenous Law Making (in Terms of Co-Existence: Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law)
  • Thinking about Indigenous Legal Orders (in Dialogues on Human Rights and Legal Pluralism)
  • Indigenous Legal Traditions: Roots to Renaissance (in The Oxford Handbook on Criminal Law)
  • The Grammar of Customary Law
  • The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Volume 6, Chapter 2 - Indigenous law: Truth, reconciliation, and access to justice
  • Heroes, Tricksters, Monsters ans Caretakers: Indigenous Laws and Legal Education
  • Gathering the Threads: Developing a Methodology for Researching and Rebuilding Indigenous Legal Traditions
  • Stl'ul nup: Legal Landscapes of the Hul'qumi'num mustimuhw
  • An Inside Job: Engaging with Indigenous Legal Traditions through Stories
  • Where's the Law in Restorative Justice?
  • Stsqey'ulécw re st'exelcemc (St'exelmc Laws from the Lands)
  • Anishinabek Legal Traditions Report, prepared for the Accessing Justice and Reconciliation Project
  • Nation-Building: Reflections of a Niyhiyow (Cree)
  • Cree Legal Traditions Report, prepared for the Accessing Justice and Reconciliation Project
  • Chapter 4: Wah-ko-to-win: Laws for a Society of Relationships Chapter 5: Creating a Cree Justice Process using Cree Legal Principles from Reclaiming the Language of Law: The Contemporary Articulation and Application of Cree Legal Principles in Canada
  • Understanding Innu Normativity in Matters of Customary "Adoption" and Care
  • Ayook: Gitksan Legal Order, Law, and Legal Theory
  • Indigenous Legal Traditions Core Workshop Materials
  • Stopping the violence : Canadian feminist debates on restorative justice and intimate violence
  • Aboriginal Discourse: Gender, Identity and Community (dans Indigenous Peoples and the Law)
  • Raven's Garden: A Discussion about Aboriginal Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues
  • Gender and Violence: Drawing on Indigenous Legal Resources
  • Ipeelee and the Duty to Resist
  • Navigating through Narratives of Despair: Making Space for the Cree Reasonable Person in the Canadian Justice System
  • Tragic choices and the Division of Sorrow: Speaking about Race, Culture and Community Traumatisation in the Lives of Children
  • Indian Act By-Laws: A Viable Means for First Nations to (Re)Assert Control over Local Matters Now and Not Later
  • Accessing Tully: Political Philosophy for the Everyday and the Everyone (dans Freedom and Democracy in an Imperial Context: Dialogues with James Tully)
  • Gendered Racial Violence and Spatialized Justice: The Murder of Pamela George (dans Race, Space and the Law: Unmapping a White Settler Society)
  • Wrapping Our Ways Around Them: Aboriginal Communities and the CFCSA Guidebook
  • Prendre le droit autochtone au sérieux: Entretien avec Hadley Friedland
  • Mikomosis and the Wetiko
  • Mikomosis and the Wetiko, A Teaching Guide
  • Gender Inside Indigenous Law Casebook
  • A Toolkit for On-Reserve Matrimonial Real Property Dispute Resolution
  • Gender Inside Indigenous Law Toolkit
  • Course Outline: Indigenous Laws: Questions and Methods for Engagement / Reading List
  • Wahkotowin course syllabus from the Faculty of Native Studies of the University of Alberta
  • Front-Line Justice
  • Rethinking Customary Law in Tribal Court Jurisprudence
  • Violence is Not Conflict: Why it Matters in Restorative Justice Practice
  • Criminal Justice Syllabus / Criminal Justice Evolving reading list