• The honourable Jacques Viens, President
  • Ms. Guylaine Boucher, Drafting and Final report Coordinator 
  • Mr. Alain Lauzier, advisor

General Secretariat and Administration

  • Ms. Julie Camirand, General Secretary and Administrator
  • Mr. Sylain Roy, Administrative Officer
  • Ms. Thérèse Godbout, Administrative assistant
  • Ms. Mélanie Harvey, Administrative assistant
  • Mr. Paul Ekollo Ekwalla, Archives clerk
  • Mr. Christian Bolduc, Counsellor 
  • Mr. Yves Bilodeau, Technician

Legal Department

  • Me Suzanne Arpin, Chief Counsel
  • Me Christian Leblanc, Chief Counsel (January 2017-September 2018)
  • Me Marie-Josée Barry-Gosselin, Deputy Chief Counsel (May 2017-September 2018)
  • Ms. Sylvie Messier, Coordinator 
  • Me Donald Bourget, Counsel 
  • Me Paul Crépeau, Counsel
  • Me Marie-Andrée Denis-Boileau, Counsel
  • Me Edith-Farah Elassal, Counsel
  • Me Christine Renaud, Lawyer
  • Me Geneviève Richard, Lawyer
  • Me Arianne Martel, Lawyer
  • Ms. Jacinthe Poisson, Legal Research Officer 
  • Mr. Rodrigue Turgeon, Legal Research Officer
  • Ms. Sofia Tomei, Legal Technician 
  • Ms. Nicole Durocher, Administrative assistant

Coordination, Clerk Office

  • Ms. Anne-Marie Leduc, Coordinator - Clerk Office 
  • Ms. Claudette Roby, Clerk Office
  • Ms. Diane Trudel, Clerk Office 
  • Ms. Marjorie Audet, Clerk Office

Coordination, Aboriginal relations

  • Ms. Janet Mark, Coordinator
  • Ms. Sharon Hunter, Assistant Coordinator
  • Ms. Lucy Grey, Assistant Coordinator - Nunavik 
  • Ms. Gisèle Bacon, Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Stella Bearskin, Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Marésol Caron, Liaison Officer
  • Mr. Terrence Duff, Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Marie-Aimée Labé, Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Bérénice Mollen-Dupuis, Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Manon Richmond, Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Chantal Gervais, Administrative assistant

Coordination of relations with public services

  • Mr. Michel Michaud, Coordinator

Investigations Department

  • Ms. Annick Larose, Coordinator
  • Ms. Alexandra Ambroise, Investigation Agent 
  • Ms. Geneviève Collard, Investigation Agent
  • Ms. Diane Chilton, Investigation Agent
  • Ms. Michelle De Champlain, Investigation Agent
  • Ms. Annie Duciaume, Investigation Agent 
  • Ms. Marie-Hélène Francoeur, Investigation Agent 
  • Mr. Emmanuel Morin, Investigation Agent
  • Ms. Gina R.Mainville, Investigation Agent 
  • Ms. Marie-Andrée Roy, Investigation Agent
  • Mr. Benoit Théorêt, Investigation Agent 
  • Ms. Annick Wylde, Investigation Agent
  • Ms. Denise Caron, Investigation Agent 
  • Ms. Annie Desaulniers, Investigation Office Clerk 

Coordination, Psychosocial Support and Wellness

  • Mr. Roch Riendeau, Coordinator
  • Ms. Andréa Chartrand, Psychosocial support and Wellness Agent
  • Ms. Christine Desrochers, Psychosocial support and Wellness Agent
  • Ms. Lise Malec, Psychosocial support and Wellness Agent
  • Ms. Mélanie Roy, Liaison Agent for Citizen Witnesses
  • Ms. Françoise Ruperthouse, Psychosocial support and Wellness Agent
  • Ms. Armande St-Arnaud, Psychosocial support and Wellness Agent
  • Ms. Mira Fréchette, Psychosocial support and Wellness Agent

Research Department

  • Ms. Suzy Basile, Co-director
  • Ms. Frédérique Cornellier, Co-director 
  • Me Sébastien Brodeur-Girard, Co-director 
  • Ms. Céline Bellot, Expert
  • Ms. Lisa Ellington, Expert
  • Ms. Christiane Guay, Expert
  • Ms. Mylène Jaccoud, Expert 
  • Ms. Carole Lévesque, Expert
  • Ms. Marie-Ève Sylvestre, Expert
  • Ms. Cyndy Wylde, Expert
  • Ms. Émilie Auclair, Coordinator, relations with the experts
  • Ms. Louise Bryce, Coordinator
  • Me Eve Laoun, Lawyer
  • Me Andrew Smith Grégoire, Lawyer
  • Me Alexandre Carrier, Lawyer
  • Ms. Véronique Audet, Research Officer 
  • Ms. Élise Blais-Dowdy, Research Officer
  • Ms. Patricia Bouchard, Research Officer
  • Ms. Valérie Charette, Research Officer 
  • Ms. Sophie Cardin, Research Officer
  • Mr. Michael Deetjens, Research Officer
  • Ms. Marie-Christine Dugal, Research Officer
  • Mr. Mathieu Gagnon, Research Officer
  • Mr. Kéven Gariépy, Research Officer
  • Ms. Geneviève Rouleau Lafrance, Research Officer
  • Mr. Guillaume Sirois, Legal Research Officer
  • Ms. Annie Vézina, Research Officer
  • Mr. Simon Dabin, Research Officer
  • Ms. Audrey Lepage, Coordinator and Administrative assistant

Communications Department

  • Mr. Benoit Bigué-Turcotte, Coordinator
  • Ms. Catherine Bérubé-Leblanc, Advisor