According to the December 21, 2016, decree by the Government of Québec, on recommendation of the Premier and in accordance with section 1 of the Act respecting public inquiry commissions (chapter C-37), it has been ordered that the Commission d’enquête sur les relations entre les Autochtones et certains services publics au Québec: écoute, réconciliation et progrès, be created with the following mandate:

1. Taking into consideration the issues mentioned in the preamble of decree 1095-2016, to investigate, address facts and conduct analyses in order to make recommendations concerning concrete, effective, lasting remedial measures to be implemented by the Government of Québec and indigenous officials to prevent or eliminate, regardless of their origin or cause, all forms of violence, discriminatory practices and differential treatment in the delivery of the following public services to Québec's indigenous people: police, correctional, legal, health and social services, as well as youth protection services;

2. To hold hearings in Val-d’Or and in the indigenous communities affected, as well as in other parts of Québec, if deemed necessary in the performance of its mandate;

3. To hold public hearings or, when it deems it appropriate, to hold closed proceedings or take any other necessary measure to protect the identity of witnesses and personal information, both in terms of the hearing and in communicating its report;

4. When deemed appropriate by the Commission and in compliance with procedural fairness, to carry out its work using informal processes with a view to allowing indigenous women, indigenous people and police officers, among others, to express their experiences and concerns and offer solutions in order to improve the delivery of public services to Indigenous;

5. The inquiry shall cover the past 15 years;

6. Not to lay blame nor formulate any conclusions or recommendations regarding the civil, penal or criminal responsibility of people and organizations;

7. To perform its duties in a way that does not impede any ongoing or future investigation, such as a criminal, penal, professional or disciplinary investigation, as well as legal proceedings that are either under way or may result from it;

8. To obtain information that is relevant to the work of the Commission responsible for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and can share any information collected as part of its work, subject to privileged information;

9. To execute its work and submit its report, including its observations, conclusions and recommendations, no later than September 30, 2019.


Consult Courtesy translation of Decree 1095-2016 here 

Consult Decree 83-2018 (regarding the extension of the Commission, only available in French)